TA provides a rich menu of Adaptive Fitness and Adaptive Yoga Classes where our motto is

“Your way is the right way”.

This is the heart of our programming, which allows us to welcome, embrace and value each individual who walks or rolls into our community of classes. ALL of our classes, whether online or in-person, place a heavy focus on social connections and community. Everyone at Totally Adaptive belongs, period!

Adaptive Fitness

  • A variety of exercises accessible to all. Many options provided, you may bring light free weights or even soup cans if you like! Expect to strengthen, tone, improve cardio,and burn some calories too. Did we mention the added benefits of improving listening and following directions and gross motor movement imitation?

Adaptive Yoga


  • A yoga flow with options provided throughout. Improve breathing and circulation, all while strengthening. Also, listening and following directions, gross motor movement imitation and so much more.

  • Rhythmic drumming to super fun music - bring drumming sticks, wooden spoons, or use your hands!

  • Adaptive Yoga and Strengthening with the TRX! This absolutely one-of-a-kind strengthening, stretching, toning, experience, that also improves breathing, circulation, self confidence, and so much more! You'll only find it at Totally Adaptive.

Yay!! Adaptive TRX Yoga is back!

Coming Soon :

  • Kids Classes

Laughter Yoga

  • It’s a real thing! Laugh your way to improved heath, breathing, and circulation

TA's Famous Combo Class

  •  a masterful combination of the above!